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Good old days in Middle Earth School....

by LadyVoldyThing, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Sit back, relax and imagine the school room in front of you; the slightly strange smell of crayon on the blackboard... the hand-drawn picture at the walls of the classroom... . Observe the class at Middle Earth School for All Races and enjoy LadyVoldyThing's little episode. And here's the teacher already!

Good Morning class. My name is Mr Anderson.
*class in background chanting rather boredly* Good monring, Mr. Anderson.

*takes attendance*

Hmm... Arwen and Aragorn aren't here. Anybody know where they are?

*snicker* um... nope.. no idea..

Now, take out your-

Mr. Anderson?


Can I go to the BATHROOM??

*chuckles* Sure you can, um....

*Eowyn runs off*

Ok. Now take out your history books, and open up to Gondolin, First Age-

Mr Anderson! Boromir hit me!!

He started it!


Did not!

Did too!

Did not!

Did too!

Oh dear Iluvatar!

Mr Anderson!

What now?

I found Arwen and Aragorn!

Really? Where are they?

*giggle* I wonder what THEY could be doing...

Come on, come look!

*in the janitor's closet*


What the-


Well, well, well....

The story continues soon...