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Afghan? Where?

by Elanor Vanimedle, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Dude, Elijah, what are you wearing?

Seriuosly, YOU are going to criticize ME for what I'm wearing, Mr. Yellow Trucker Hat?

True, I will leave the criticizm to a more worthy opponent.

I'll just hide from everyone like this...They can't see my face and my hair is cleverly disguised in the one preppy cut to rule them all.

Ack, no! Forgot to disguise my eyes, must put in brown contacts!!!

Elijah, what have you yourself?

What...? Don't you like it? My stylist said it is all the rage!

All the rage where? An old folks home? I mean, the socks, man, come on!

*sulk* ... Well look at Viggo over there, he's wearing a poster!

Don't try to deflect the fashion rage man, I'm making a political statement!

Fine...What about this, sort of debonair, don't you think?

In a word, no.
Guy on left: That's not Elijah Wood is it?
Guy on right: No, Elijah has amazing fashion sense...he initiated the one brown jacket craze, my friend.

Come on Elijah, you can't tell me you think that looks cool! You're wearing slippers and an afghan!

Did someone say Afghan??

I love dogs, where is it??

This isn't an Afghan, it's a terrier...and I think it just went on me...

Went? Nevermind then!

I only associate with dogs that don't go!

Silly Billy, all dogs go, it's part of nature...and stuff...