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*Captain Obvious Strikes Again...*
Look everyone! A child!

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Don't touch me! I don't know where you've been!

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Elijah regretted having that 6th beer after gravity started to take effect.

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Elrond cheering - Give 'em hell on the left, yea. Give 'em hell on the right, c'mon team, fight, fight, fight!
Elven warrior #1 - Elrond looks a little edgy this morning. Could've been something he ate last night?
Elven warrior #2 - Gil-galad made the coffee this morning.
Elven warrior #1 - That explains everything.
Bot warriors - Decaff.

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Sam - I'm starving! Where's Merry? Isn't he supposed to be cooking tonight?

Pippin - There he is... and look, he's got carrots!

Merry - Hey guys, sorry I took so long... I just couldn't choose between the beans or the carrots...

Frodo - Hey, Merry, you're back!! oooohhhh! Carrots! Yumm! What are you going to do with them?

Merry - Well, I thought I would make one of my specials... you know that thing I made at Bilbo's Birthday Party. Maybe even add some Chocolate Ice Cream... YUM!

Frodo - Erm... are you sure that's a good idea...?

Pippin - You're not suggesting Merry doesn't know what he's doing, are you? I'll have you know he's an excellent chef!

Frodo - Well, if you're sure...

Merry - Frodo, you're not doubting my cooking abilities, are you? Come on! What can a bit of harmless cooking do?

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I hope the men of Gondor don't see me like this...

Boromir, what *are* you wearing?!

Oh no... Faramir...

Now I will never hear the end of it...

*thinks to self* - Heh, you got that right!

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