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Elijah - Look! I got a picture of the cheerleaders!
Dom - Dude, look up.
*Elijah looks up and a dozen cheerleaders are two feet in front of him, screaming their brains out.*
Elijah - I think I'm gonna need more film!

submitted by Jakie and Chels

I want chocolate and I want it now!

submitted by EllaG

The many looks of Elrond

submitted by Fiona LotR Lover

Soft (one of the rare ones with his eyebrows un-raised) look;

the Thinking Look;

yet another Thinking Look;

the "What?! No brownies?!" Look;

The "I forgot the lembas bread on the shopping list" Look;

the "How come she looks better in a purple dress than me" Look;

the "And this is how to make a hobbit disappear" Look;

the "Stupid Dwarf" Look, feat. Gandalf;

the "What have I told you about chewing gum in my meetings, Gandalf" Look;

the "Why don't I get a pretty shiny sword? How come he does!" Look.

Don't you play cute and innocent with me, young man! You've got guilt written all over your face!

submitted by Hobbitongal

Frodo knew he should've listened to Gandalf when he warned him not to go to the sunbed too long.

And Gimli vowed never to go on a sunbed ever again!

both submitted by Fiona LotR Lover

Guys, I don't want to play "hide and seek" anymore!

submitted by Fiona LotR Lover

But I wanted to ride the pony!

submitted by Rohan Goddess, created by Teeque on her great website [Beware of the Chipmunk]

Gandalf - Gimli! What did I tell you?! No shiny things for the elf!

submitted by Fiona LotR Lover

Gil-galad, why must you always plan these early morning jogs on miserable days? Just look at what the fog's done to my hair.

submitted by Ainamenelwen

Elrond - Sauron! You promised you'd use those eyedrops I bought for you.

Sauron - Sorry, Elrond... It's just hard having no hands and everything...

submitted by Fiona LotR Lover

Elijah - Now remember: Don't be scared when the spider jumps.... don't be scared when the spider jumps... don't be...

submitted by m2

It took a while for Mr. Bloom to recover after the effects of Mr. Mortensen's major headbutting in the morning. His make-up artist was not impressed.

And neither was he.

And what does the culprit have to say about this?
"Such an elven quality needs to be altered once in a while. I'm sure he agrees.

"Don't look at me!"

submitted by Orlando's Result