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Okay, here is the application form for being king. Last name -

Aragorn and Gandalf - Aragorn
Aragorn - Yes! I knew that one!

Good. Next question: First name...

Ahhh.... I'm not sure.

You must have some idea.

Hmmm.... . It might be Sod-Off.


Yeah, cause when I was little, I would go to the little elves in Rivendell and I would say "Hello, my name is Aragorn", and they would say "Yes we know. Sod-off, Aragorn".

"S. Aragorn".

by Lady Jane Grey Nine Days Queen, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Oh no, what's this? A spider-web and I'm caught in the middle.
( referring to Coldplay's song "Trouble" )

by Frodo Baggins

Um, guys, are you sure that this hat isn't too big?

submitted by SupaLorLor

Elijah *thinks to self* - My God! Does he actually have spikier hair than I once did?

submitted by DomanMetheTreeLvrs

Galadriel - I'm going to kill that wizard. He said there would be no fog, and now my hair is all frizzed up! ... And who took my coat? It's freezing out here!!

submitted by Fiona LotR Lover

Heya Boss, there's no job that's too small and we can do it for ya real nice like.

submitted by Ainamenelwen or

Yo, boss, whya don't we-a just destroy the ring-a right-a now-a?

submitted by Jackie Blue

We're lost, aren't we Boromir?
How did that happen?
Because, Aragorn, you forgot to pack the map before we left, that's how!

submitted by Ainamenelwen

Alright already! I'll wash my hair, just don't give me any of that flowery smelly shampoo. I don't want to end up confusing the dwarf by smelling like the elf.

submitted by Ainamenelwen