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Merry - I'm hungry, Pip. What do we have to eat?
Pippin - Uh, broccoli, apples, honey, cookies, chocolate, grapes and melons.

*creak* - pause - *slam*

Sam - Ooohhh! What kind of a melon? Is it a watermelon?

*creak* - pause - *slam*

Pippin - How would I know? I don't know the difference between one melon and another melon!

*creak* - pause - *slam*

Merry - Hey, what's that sound? Every time we say something! Did you hear it?

*expectant pause*

Sam - Maybe you're imagining things, Merry. I didn't hear anything that time. Anyways, Pippin, can I see what kind of melon you have?

*creak* - pause - *slam*

Pippin - Alright, this time I heard it, too. What's going on?

Gandalf - Here we are at the doors of Moria. All you have to do is the password which is "Mellon".

*doors open and they go inside*

Pippin - Well, that explains a lot.

by Artemis Archeress, Elijah's Grey Panthers

The cast and crew of LotR have a moment of silence for Tom Bombadil when they find out his part has been cut.

by Lady Jane Grey Nine Days Queen, Elijah's Grey Panthers


by Blithesome

Merry dazzles the Fellowship with his rendition of "Silmarillion The Musical" at Moria.

What is that awful noise? Is Merry singing again?

Awful noise? AWFUL NOISE?! Let's hear you try to sing!!

Aragorn - Merry, cool it.
Boromir - Wow, that hobbit's got a temper!

by Artemis Archeress, Elijah's Grey Panthers, taken from her Caption Story about the .

Elijah - Picture this: it is a beautiful spring day. The flowers are blooming, the chirds are burping...
Sean - Ah, you mean the birds are chirping?

by Lady Jane Grey Nine Days Queen, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Pippin - .Wow... these brownies must be kicking in.... my sword's smiling at me...
Merry - sshhhh... mine's talking.....

by Dizzy Brunette, Elijah's Grey Panthers

by Blithesome, Elijah's Grey Panthers

by fodien, Elijah's Grey Panthers