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Elijah: Hihiiii, I'll tag my name down here when no one's looking! *snicker*

Dom: *enters* Du da duu...

Elijah: Ooops...

Dom: *gasp* What are you doing?!

Dom: What do you suppose Pete will say when he finds out that you have been tagging on the posters???

Elijah: Err...

Elijah: ...That I have a bautiful handwriting..?

by Dunwethien, Elijah's Grey Panthers

When Legolas started singing "I believe I can fly!", Aragorn and Gimli started getting worried.

submitted by Emmiesfairyworld

Legolas *tosses hair* - L'Oréal; because I'm worth it!

by Jillis

I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay,

I sleep all night and I work all day!

Yes, I'm a lumberjack, and I'm okay ---

*squish, squelch*

Hoommmmm, that was quite enough of that!

by Elanor Vanimedle, Elijah's Grey Panthers

This chin has defeated many Orcs, it is a mighty chin, known to be more effective than most elven blades.

by Calenkemeniel, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Merry - So nice of you to cut a hole in the wall for me, Aragorn. I don't care much for standing on boxes like Gimli over there.

by Calenkemeniel, Elijah's Grey Panthers

The cast learn that they aren't really that popular in Asia, as they find that even Vanilla Ice can steal their thunder.

by Dunwethien, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Orlando *thinks to self* - Boy, he is gonna freak when the rubber hand comes off!! *snicker, snicker*

by Dunwethien, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Soldier Nr. 1 - So, your magnificent plan is to sneak up on that massive orc army - unnoticed - in THESE?!?!

by Calankemeniel, Elijah's Grey Panthers