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Caption Contest # 27

And this is what we're going to fire at the Oscar voters...

by Vicky Ollier PJ: Ok, see where it says, "Do not hold in hands"? Now- Hold it in your hand! by Newmoon Pete: Now! This is your big introduction scene. Try not to look stupid lighting this big rocket inside a tent.
Merry: Can't you introduce us and the rocket outside the tent? by FoolOnTheHill Camera Dude: PJ! your cameo is in bree! get out of the shot!!! by DwarfPrincess PJ: Trust me Dom. It'll be fine.
Dom: No, you don't understand! Billy has this ... problem ... with fireworks. Or anything lethal..
PJ: Why do you think we cast him as Pippin? by Holly Billy wasn't really that concerned when Orlando told him the arrows were talking to him. He had problems of his own with talking objects, and they were a whole lot bigger . . . by Anàwiel Peter: No. You guys cannot ride this around like a hobby horse. This is Middle Earth, not the Wild West. by Melvasaiel Firework: $20
superglue: $4
matches: $2.50
Dom's face when they light the firework and he realizes his hands are stuck: priceless by good_one_pip Pip: "Does it bite?" by Fool of a Took

Um, are you here with the hobbits, sir? Because they're in one of the lower circles. This is an invitation only after-coronation party.

by sixfuzzyslippers, Elijah's Grey Panthers

submitted by Gemmy Silver

So you're saying that if I drink this red magic potion, the wings will disappear?

by LaWise

Dove droppings!

submitted by Catt

Theoden: Is this everyone you could round up, Eomer?

submitted by Lathrawen 2927

Frodo - What are you doing?
Gandalf - *with an evil smile* - Forwarding it to your future address.

submitted by EllaG and Elf Boy 2000

For future references: It hurts when your hair gets caught up in a helmet.

submitted by Starling

Frodo learns the hard way that the batteries that provided Sting with electricity should under no circumstances come into contact with water.

by Dunwethien, Elijah's Grey Panthers

submitted by Christy

Cameraman: "Okay, smile, everybody! This is for the obituaries!"
Aragorn: "Ours, or yours?"
Guy in back (on left): "That's it-I'm outta here."
Guy in back (on right): "I'm with you on that one."
Legolas: [Thinking] "I hope my hair looks all right."
Central guy in middle row: "Man, that dwarf is short!"
Gimli: "All right, enough with the photography: let's kick some orc!"
Gamling: "Obituaries? Hmmm...maybe bunny ears would be a bad idea...."
Theoden: "I'm smiling!"

submitted by Alquawen

I spy with my little eyes...

submitted by Starling

Stay away from my chocolate!!

submitted by Starling

submitted by rohan goddess

submitted by Thilwen, taken from LotR Spoofs, which sadly has gone offline a while ago

*slap* - I'm not sure I deserved this.

submitted by Julie, in relation to Pirates of the Caribbean

Having Fun with that Caption Picture à la Monty Python...

Billy: So how does this thing work?
Peter: First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin. Then, shalt thou count to three. No more. No less. Three shalt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, nor either count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then, lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who, being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it...

by OrliLover3 Peter: When it shoots off, it should have the velocity of a sparrow
Dom: African or european?
Billy: probaly depends if you put it in the ground or not. by Knight of Nee Peter: right, so all you have to do is stand here, Dom lights the firework and then let it go.
Billy: hic
Dom: stand here and don’t light the firework.
Peter: No no, your supposed to light the firework.
Dom: so I light the firework and then hold on to it
Peter: No no, let go of the firework.
Billy: hic
Peter: right.
Dom: so we don’t need to do anything except stand here.
Peter: right and then you light the firework.
Dom: right, oh if-if-if uh, if-if-if uh, if-if-if we…
Peter: what is it???
Dom; Oh, if-if, oh
Peter: look, it’s quite simple
Dom: uh…
Peter: you just stand here and Dom lights the firework and you let go of it.
Billy: hic
Dom: oh I remember, can we hold on to the firework if I don’t light it??
Peter: no no, your supposed to light the firework.
Dom: oh, yes I’ll light the firework, obviously, but that if I can’t light the match?
Peter: no, no, just stand here
Dom: don’t light the firework
Peter: LIGHT the firework
Dom: light the firework
Billy: hic
Peter: and let go of it.
Dom: and let go of it.
Peter: right?
Dom: right we stand here and I light the firework
Peter: and let go of it
Dom: what?
Peter: and let go of it
Dom: the firework?
Peter: yes, make sure you let go of it
Dom: oh of course, I thought you meant the match. It seemed a bit daft, letting go of the match, so it can light the grass on fire.
Peter: is that clear?
Billy: hic
Dom: oh, quite clear, no problems
Peter: right (starts to leave) where are you going?
Dom: we’re coming with you.
Peter: no no, your supposed to stand HERE and Dom lights the firework and then you let it go
Dom: oh, I see. Right.
Billy: hic
Peter: oh go and get a glass of water already. by Naomi pj:ok, so YOU stick it in the ground, wait till I leave and then YOU light it...understand?
pip:yup, YOU stick it in the ground and wait for us to leave and then we light it...
PJ:nonono...see, YOU two are supposed to stick it in the ground...
PIP:sure, stick it in the ground, and make sure YOU don't leave.
PJ: no, I leave and YOU stay here...
PIP: right right, so we'll just light it now right?
PJ:yes *leaves*
PIP: *leaves*
PJ:no! YOU have to stay here and light it!
PIP: i do?
PJ:YES!!!!!! that's what i've been saying!
PIP:oh, ok,ok, i get it now...
PJ:ok *leaves*
PIP:*stands there*
----------five minutes later------------
PJ: why didn't you light it?
PIP: ME, light it? OHHHHH! by laurefin PJ: Right. So you two stay here and keep the rocket from exploding.
Merry: Right. We stay here until the rocket stops exploding.
PJ: No,no. Make sure the rocket doesn't explode until Gandalf needs it.
Merry: Until Gandalf needs the rocket, we are not to enter the tent.
PJ: Just keep the rocket from exploding until Gandalf needs it.
Pippin: All we have to do is keep the rocket exploding?
PJ: No, keep it FROM exploding.
Pippin: Okay. What if, uh...if,...
PJ: Look. It's very simple. You just make sure the rocket doesn't explode until Gandalf needs it to.
Merry: Right.
Pippin: Okay, we'll keep it in here, but if we needed to explode, could it explode with us?
PJ: No! Just keep it safe.
Pippin: And make sure he doesn't explode.
PJ: yes
Merry: The rocket?
Pippin: Oh! I thought you meant Merry!
PJ: Look, just stand here and make sure the rocket doesn't explode.... by The Lady Greenleaf