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Morgul Queen from Elijah's Grey Panthers showed me the thread where lots of good caption stories were put on by members of The Barrow Downs. The following is only a limited amount of those stories; some of them go on for several pages and would've been too much work to put on here. But I recommend you check out that thread. :)

Pippin: Do you see what I see?
Merry: Yep.

Pippin: Should we run?
Merry: Yep.


Pippin: We never learn, do we?
Merry: Nope.
by Annunfuiniel

Sam: *gasp wheeze* Mr Frodo!! A ringwraith just entered to shire looking for you sir!! ((Don't ask me how Sam knew this because I don't know...maybe he's magic...))

Frodo: Oh *bleep*! I don't know what a Ringwraith is but it sure doesn't sound good!!

Sam: Mr Frodo!! Watch your language, this is a family film!!

Frodo: You're right, I'm sorry...
by Naurwen_of_Lothlorien

Hey Mr. Frodo, I've joke for you!

*Thinks* Not another one!! *Speaks* What is it Sam?

Why did the oliphaunt cross the road?

I don't know, Sam.

To get to the other side, of course!

Um, isn't that rather obvious?

I didn't think so.

by Oddwen

Aragorn: Legolas, what do your elven eyes see?

Legolas: A fangirl approaches!

Aragorn: A fangirl? Only one?

Legolas: I'd watch out if I were you, Aragorn. She's looking right at you.

Aragorn: Well, if it's only one fangirl I don't think I really need to worry....

Eowyn: Hey! Aragorn! Remember me, Eowyn? Long time, no see. I thought you had fallen off another cliff, but then Eomer said you....

Aragorn: Aahh!!! Dear Eru! It's her again! I've gotta hide! Save me, Legolas! ......Legolas?
by Brinniel

What in Middle-earth...?

I've never seen anything so horrible.

What is that?

It is something more terrible than anything we have yet encountered...


What's everyone staring at me for?
by Sapphire_Flame

Announcing the first annual Middle-earth Mr. Universe pageant! Meet the contestants and hear what they think of themselves!
I should obviously win. Who else has my manly stubble? Rowrrrr!!

Your stubble is no match for my silky soft skin and wonderous profile! *winkwink*

I've got you all beat! With my innocent, huge, mesmerizing eyes, I've got this contest in the bag! *blink*

I would not be too sure, halfling! It takes more than stubble, sleek hair or humongous eyes. Any brigand of the hillside could show as much! But a royal bearing, moderate amount of stubble, AND a great smile takes the cake!

Well, posing is important too!

Woah, they let me be in a contest? *is staggered*
And now, meet your judge!

THESE are the contestants? Ha ha ha ha!!

Hmm, there's no WAY that I'm going to win fairly. I shall have to see if there is something to be done...

That takes care of Boromir...

Bye-bye Leggy!

Oh Merry...

Oh Frodo, won't you please please pretty pretty pretty please let me win? I'll give you candy and mushrooms and cake and cookies...

Hey, these cookies aren't good at all! I've been robbed!!

Is it just me, or is Aragorn cheating?

Aragorn, shame on you! You've been cheating on this contest!

No no, it wasn't me! I didn't do it! It was Arwen, really!

You DARE blame this on my daughter? You are hereby disqualified!

Aww, man! *bangs head on sword*

Therefore, since all other contestants are either missing or gagging in the bathroom, I hereby by the power vested in me pronounce Peregrin Took as Mr. Universe!

by Oddwen

So, who volunteers to lead the Fellowship?

I do.

Erm... no, I think not, Boromir.

... why not?

I suddenly recall a certain someone's antics at the entrance to Rivendell...

(Earlier) ?!?! This isn't Osgiliath!
by Rynoah, the Overly-Happy

Ugh! What is that? There's a spider in my bed! Ahh, Sam save me!

Sam? Where are you Sam?

Holy cow, it's climbing up my leg! AHHH!!! GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!!

Ha ha ha, bye-bye spider!


I killed it! Now I have to give it a nice funeral. *sniff*

He was a good spider, I think. He never bit anyone, at least not me. He did leave a big stain on my pant leg, but Sam'll wash it! I didn't like him very much, but...

Mr. Frodo? Are you...y'know...alright?

Of course, Sam! Who wouldn't put the body of a spider in a locket and carry it around for always and ever?
by Oddwen

At least now we know why Shelob was so determined to get to Frodo...

Ha ha, very funny Legolas! For a moment there I thought you were serious.

I wasn't joking Aragorn. Everyone thinks you should.

What! Frodo is this true?!

I'm afraid so Aragorn, it must be done.

M: Yes, Strider this can't go on any longer.
P: Just looking at it is disturbing.

Don't worry Aragorn, washing your hair won't be too bad.

by Arawethiel

*yawns* What time is it?

Day time! Ever see the sun shine at night?

Thank you, oh wonderous Elf, for your overwhelming ability to state the obvious! I am so not worthy of being in your presence.

As it is said in the Common Tongue: Flattery will get you nowhere.

Um, that was sarcasm, Lego.


Um...Arcasmsay, Egolay!

Shut yo' mouth!
by Sapphire_Flame, Zirconia the Elf; dialogue from Stupid Ring Parody .