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Caption Contest # 24

Legolas: Goblins!
Aragorn: How do you know?
Legolas: This arrow's got "made in Moria" written on it.

by enelya Orlando: "Well, this is interesting...I thought PJ said they would all be CGI." by Alquawen ... and to develop this further...
When PJ saw Orlando looking at the arrow, he mentioned that he wouldn't have to shoot a lot because most of them would be CGI. Leoglas replied "Just because I'm blond doesn't mean you have to spell everything out for me". by AnÓwiel With horror, Legolas realized he'd brought the toasting sticks but forgotten the marshmallows. by Casquivana Legolas: "And that, my friends, is how you catch a fly with an arrow. Care to inspect?"
Frodo: *sigh* "No thanks."
Gandalf: "Stop showing off, Legolas." by Nziz Legolas: It's an arrow! Faerie: Thank you Captain Obvious. by Faerie in Combat Boots Upon seeing the needle, Legolas decides he really DOESN'T want his flu shot! by Hippy Hobbit Legolas decided Sauron's rakish, one-eyed look was devilishly attractive. by Eleanor Legolas: Manual..manual..where's the manual of this thing! by Jllz Legolas: Why do they always do this to me?! Every time I try to put on my eyeliner they have to go and shut the lights off...well its getting kind of old!! by faith When Legolas began naming his arrows and commanding them all to "go squisha the icky orcsies", the Fellowship agreed: he was definitely cracked. by Celesti And the camera comes in for a dramatic closeup of the handsome Legolas for fangirls all over to swoon and faint, leaving the men to watch movie in peace. by Stephanie

Billy - Oh, look Dom! It's Viggo. You know, I like his new hair cut. It looks good. I think I am going to try it.
Dom - Billy, no! You'd look awful...

Billy watches Viggo.

Billy - I still can't get it to look the SAME!
Dom - See, I told you it was bad.

submitted by Gil-estel

Sam - Honestly, Mr. Frodo, I didn't know that you were allergic to shellfish!

submitted by Jenn

Merry and Pippin find out the hard way that Frodo is not a morning person.

submitted by Robin

And here we have Mr. Frodo Baggins of the Shire when he was twenty years old.

submitted by Michelle

This is what would happen if LotR Fanatics ruled the world!

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submitted by Sara

Merry was shocked to find out what magic mushrooms did!

submitted by Ellie & Jack