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Maybe if I hide behind this sword, they won't notice me?

from [Frodo's World]

The twins were shocked as they realised they didn't make it for the final rounds of Middle Earth's Twin Beauty Contest.
Gollum 1: ... but... but... we spent hoursesss in the makup departemnt...
Gollum 2: ... and we have been protecting our beautiful skin from sssunlight for lotssss of yearsssss...

by Calenkemeniel, Elijah's Grey Panthers.

avatars by Elanor, Elijah's Grey Panthers (check out her site [here].

from Elfenomeno

Since when does the Ring posess the power of demonic possession?

from Frodo's World

Nivea - the solution that works.

from Elfenomeno

Legolas - And what are these "ar-rows" used for?

by Nyasa, Elijah's Grey Panthers

It was that moment that Legolas realised Lembas didn't really taste as good as advertised.

from Frodo's World

Maybe he's born with it... maybe it's Maybelline...

by Seregon

Galadriel uses her newly acquired Jedi skills to get the ring.

by Diamond_Baggins, from Frodo's World

from Elfenomeno

On second thought maybe I shouldn't have gone with the buzz cut.

from Frodo's World

from Frodo's World (I think - no offense, Elijah... ;-) )

"Saint Meriadoc. Bishop of Vannes. Festival day is the 7th of June. A rich man he gave all his money and lands to the poor and became a hermit. He founded several churches in Cornwall and then crossed into Brittany and became Bishop of Vannes, an office he took reluctantly as he had wished to follow the life of a hermit."

by off ma heed, Elijah's Grey Panthers

So then our new strategy is to make the enemy laugh themselves to death?

from Frodo's World

Legolas, turn off the hairdryer!

from Frodo's World

Pippin - What do you mean, we don't get back to the Shire for 2 more movies?
Merry - It's called a trilogy, Pip.

from the Caption contest at [Pippin's World]