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Aragorn: Ahhhh, i knew the extras from Helms Deep would come in handy at some point...

by Naughty Lil Hobbit, Elijah's Grey Panthers

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Theoden - I can't believe he got an Oscar and I didn't...

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Aragorn, why did you give me that fourth bottle of rum last night? Now I've got a hangover and everything is spinning! I'll get you back for this!!

submitted by Mrs Legolas

I have a lightbulb, and I am not afraid to use it!

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Please, Lord, I pray that you keep those crazy hobbit-stalking fan girls at bay with Your mighty power. Amen.

by The Return of the Cherokee, Panta-Loons Website

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King Theoden struggles to restrain his laughter after Legolas falls flat on his back attempting to surf down an Oliphaunts back on only a piece of Lembas bread.

by Lonely_Mountain_Hermit Theoden: PLEASE, Legolas. I don't appreciate being hit in the eyes with your hair every time you swing your head around. by Lily from Bree

Elijah - Peek-a-Boo!
Alexandra - I see you!
Billy - What are they doing?
Dom *shrug, yelling over their heads* - Playing peek-a-boo, I guess.
Billy - Dom, dude, you don't have to talk so loud, I am not deaf.
Dom - *in normal voice* Then what are they playing?
Billy - Wha...?
Elijah *giggle*

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The people of Middle Earth were slightly confused when they were surrounded by aliens...

Frodo - Who the heck are you?!

Eowyn, my dear, don't look now, but there are some really weird people standing behind you...

by LaWise

the team of National Geographic was excited to have finally discovered the much mystified species of hobbits; read more about this important discovery and how it came about in our Special Edition: A Hobbit's Tale - How I found Them!