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Andy - 34, I'd ay....

by toaojjc, from

Wait! I'm not dead yet!

by Kat, taken from LOTR spoofs .

Galadriel - May the Force be with you...

by Mr. Stook, taken from LOTR spoofs .

*grumbles* Never sleep in the presence of the hobbits!

submitted by Megan Cherie

Dom - So your watch tells the time in 5 different time zones and you were still late?

by Wistra_Lorven Christmas Angel, from

Billy - Look, Sean, just 'cause you're jealous because the girls want *my* autograph more doesn't mean you can sign over everything I sign.

by The Christmas Chica, from

by Gil-Estel

They won't catch me! I swear I won't become the next Winona!

by Christmas Elf Luver, from

Elijah knew shoes were a necessity as he arrived in NZ without any... and noticed that, inspite of what his mum said, everyone else's feet did NOT look like that.

unknown author, taken from LOTR spoofs .

The first hobbit wig was not quite right as Elijah found out.

by Samantha-Santa-Samwise, from

"Eeny" - "Meeny" - "Miney" - "Moe" - "Catch a Baggins, then we'll know" - "If he's the Ringbearer..." - "... don't let him go!" - *thinking* "And for this I became undead..."

by unknown author, taken from LOTR spoofs .

"Hello, polic`? Help me, help me! They think I'm Elijah Wood and there's screaming fangirls everywhere!

by Green_Eyes, from

No way you like Winnie the Pooh, too!

by the santa huggling mcr, from

Why won't you die?

by Samanta-Santa-Samwise, from

by bithartist, taken from LOTR spoofs .

Shoot, these car mirrors! I can't see a blind thing!

by Christmas Elf Luver, from

submitted by Megan Cherie

by Elenai, taken from LOTR spoofs .

unknown author, taken from LOTR spoofs .