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Caption Contest #21

But I don't wanna go to school today Daddy! I wanna stay home and bake cookies with you!

by anonymous Sometimes it's best just to say what's in your heart
Eowyn: I'm sorry I puked on your shoes.
Aragorn: I'm sorry I wore sandals. by Elle Yes...I need a box of tissues, some chicken noodle soup, advil, a decongestant, and some cough suppressant...oh, and season 2 of Sex and the City on DVD. And while you're at it, could you try to find my slippers, and my stuffed bunny? You're so nice to take care of me while I'm so (*cough cough*) sick. by Meghan Eowen: I fear neither pain nor death...
Aragorn: What do you fear, my lady?
Eowen *looks down at Aragorn's hand over hers*: A dirty muddied hand ruining my nice manicure. by Lady Arwen #77 Aragorn: Eowyn, come on. Tell me where you hid the remote control.
Eowyn: No way. I'm going to lay on the couch and watch the Women's channel all day. by katydid After nearly having her ruin smote upon the fields, Eowyn visits Dr. Aragorn's house of grief therapy to tell him how that makes her feel. by lysawyn Aragorn:Pssst...pssst..Eowen wake up.
Eowen (tired): What?
Aragorn: There's a monster under my bed..... by shieldmaiden
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"Bejeezus! A self-lighting DVD!"

by naughty lil hobbit, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Elijah didn't know what to do when the girl showed him exactly WHERE she had gotten her Frodo tattoo.

submitted by Stephanie

by haleycopter, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Aragorn: Legolas, it isn't raining, mate.
Legolas: I know, Aragorn.
Aragorn: Then what's with the hood?
Legolas: My roots are showing again!

submitted by GemmySilver

Listening to Elijah's music every morning during the shoot of Lord of the Rings had a seemingly bad effect on Ian McKellen.

submitted by Selindė

Legolas: I think I stepped on something.
Pippin: Where? What? Let me see!
Boromir: I think it's...
All: EWWWWW!!!!
Merry: I stepped on it, too...
Aragorn: Bad Bill, bad!

submitted by Hernan

Now don't forget to clean my other nostril...

submitted by Selindė

Soldier on roof: Your mother was a hampster and your father smelled of elderberries, now go away or I shall have to taunt you a second time!

by hobbithound frodobaggins lives, Elijah's Grey Panthers Knight on top: "I fart in your general direction!"
Knights on bottom: "Good thing we're upwind." "Yup." by nziz, Elijah's Grey Panthers

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Elijah and Sean sing, remembering the hits from the 80ies, while Dom performs and Billy shily plays the maracas:
*all*: Walk like an Egyptian!

Sean: Thank you, thank you very much, you are a wonderful crowd.
Liv: Yeah!

by Hernan