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Lij: Look guysh, I dnt fink geez teef rrr gnna help me shay my linsh menishingly...

by PjT Elijah:(hisses) New Zealand... Jackson... by Tildy I do not need " Hobbit" feet today! by Margaret What? Tig is not a real game? by Chai Hobbit Months and months of wearing prosthetic attachments can do strange things to you... by Black Quill they say celebrities don't look good without make up. by meganne "See what Hollywood does to us, Preciousss..." by Alquawen and this is what happens after a day of smoking old toby!!!!! by heidi of the woodland realm Starbucks coffee: $5.75
Mac'n'cheese: $10.50
GP brownies: price never actually specified, but assumed to be a lot
photo of elijah when suffering withdrawal symptoms from all three: priceless by enelya I'm not only a client of the club for hairless hobbits, I'm the president! by frodo Billy doing a slide show: and this is Elijah in a line for Starbuks, he was a little angry that he couldnt get his mask removed, so on his way there he got taunted and teased, cut-off on the freeway and beat with a stick by an old lady, he got in line only to find that he was the shortest guy in New Zealand, so natually I snapped a picture of him!!.......he never got his coffe..... by shieldmaiden Elijah's tactic of scaring off fangirls. by Stefanie

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I'm getting too old for this...

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Grima Wormtongue's School of Fashion

by Aduialel, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Hello, my name is Grima Wormtongue...

Over the years I have painstakingly collected all of my fashion tips... all the processes that I've used to make myself look like, well, me.

This is a picture of one of my clients before the "treatment"...

This is after...

Just look how much his skin tone has improved... his hair took a while, but we eventually got it!

Especially his teeth! *applauds for his own work* - Maybe you wonder where I learnt this extraordinary craftmanship?

I went to the finest cosmetic school in Middle Earth, courtesy of the tax payers of Rohan...

Saruman's School of Beauty.

See what great work he does?! *eyes tear up a bit at the "beauty"*
Remember, only I, Grima the Great can turn this:

Into this:

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