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Do you remember the first time we met?



Not really....

submitted by ElberethVarda

BILLY: Lij's ring? What are we going to do with you?
DOM: You're not going to tell on me, are you?

by Explody, Elijah's Grey Panthers

My eyebrows just won't stay down...

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Are my eyes blue enough, Sam?

submitted by Cassandra Elise

from NobbyNee's Caption Page

Arrogant?... Me?... Whatever!

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We are RC Elijah. Resistance is futile!

by Elanor & LaWise, Elijah's Grey Panthers

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Looking good!

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Hello, I'm Galadriel, Lady of Light, here to tell you about Orbit Gum. We gave some to Frodo Baggins, Ring-destroyer extraordinaire. He has finished destroying the One Ring, traveling from his Bag End to the Shire, all the way to Mount Doom in Mordor, and you and I both know how LONG and TREACHEROUS this quest is. Now Frodo, how do you feel?

Understandable. But how does your mouth feel?

There you have it! Orbit Gum! The gum that gives you that “just- brushed” feeling!!!

submitted by jess_ica

Legolas meets Captain Jack Sparrow

from NobbyNee's Caption Page

See what happens when you splash too much in the bathtub, Pippin!

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