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Faramir: "To be or not to be... that is the question."
Smeagol: "Hey! Do I look like a skull to you? I'm ALIVE, ok??"

by Meriadoc
Faramir: "Yep. Those teeth need flossing. Come to my office tomorrow and I'll give you a checkup." by Moondrop

Merry and Pippin survive Hurricane Isabel.

by shmendrik01
"Great Lords of Gondor! No wonder this property was so cheap!" by KRRouse
Merry: "Pippin, you donít want to know what just floated past me." by Jacqueline

Gollum realizes, at the absolute worst time, that he'd left his wallet in his other loincloth
Seeing how Frodo's large, piercing eyes gained him millions of fan girls...

by KRRouse

"You do realize this is all being filmed live, don't you, Dom?"
"Yeah, but I'm really too drunk to care, Elijah."
"I'm Billy."

by KRRouse

Pippin: "Is it just me, or is that a muppet?"

by Legolas

When Legolas suggested that Theoden's whole army wear tights under their pants because they were quite warm, all he got were blank stares.

by Meriadoc

found on Hobbit's Corner

Sam: Pippin, my friend?
Pip: Yes, Sam my friend?
Sam: your foot......
Pip: yes?
Sam: Remove it from my spleen.

by Taure Leafsilver, Elijah's Grey Panthers

The number you are trying to reach is engaged. Please try later... *beep*

found on Hobbit's Corner

Elijah: Flowers? Ok, you aren't going to actually take our picture next to the flowers are you? Because that would be kind of- *click*

by jewlmc, Elijah's Grey Panthers

And here we have Arwen, wearing a low cut lilac dress with peach lining. A very elegant number, recommended for your first date with your ranger boyfriend. Elf ears optional. *applause*

submitted by Clair

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Marilyn Manson's long lost twin.

by Huls Alum McCartney

This is a good sword.... ummm...wait..

by Han