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Caption Contest #18

You really had a good time with this picture, it was *very* tough to pick the best (obviously it's always just my opinion, and as always, all captions can be viewed [here] ).

Legolas: Gandalf, tell me. Where do little elves come from?

by Katie
Legolas: I was never hugged much as a child, Gandalf. Daddy didn't have much time for me. No, he was too busy being king of the Woodland Realm. I slipped into a real deep depression. Then a friend told about a real good support group where we learned to channel are emotions through orc slaying and hair care. by jester
Leggy-Pleeease? I get a badge if I help five of you old people across the street! by MADison
So you have that problem too? What did your doctor say you should do? by Emilana
Gandalf: WHEEEE!
Legolas: Stop rocking.
Gandalf: Aw, it needs another quarter.
Legolas: We've been here for hours, I'm not giving you another quarter for the mechanical pony. by Flamie
Legolas also specializes in Middle Earth counseling...
GANDALF: *sobs* ...and then... and then Saruman came... and picked the pretty shiny white robe... and there was nothing else left but this ugly grey thing! *cries uncontrollably*
LEGOLAS: There there... hmmm... interesting.... Now what can you tell me about your mother? by Elrenia
Gandalf: "I'm tired, exhausted, and i'm out of breath..."
Legolas: "And how does that make you feel." by Tahiri Greenleaf
(Legolas becomes concerned when the signs of Gandalf's alzheimers starts to become noticable)
Gandolf- hurry up my young elf, we must go destroy the white tower, defeat the evil Frodo, and coronate Gollum as king. by Gil-Estel
"Yeah, well, when I was your age, Legolas, I had to hike up Caradhras both ways!" by Lossenduriel
the hobbits loved the ventriloquist at the annual wizarding competitions by galloping elf

by Explody, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Dom has taken a quick course at Max Factor´s and....

"So you put the highlighter here....."

"....and the darker shade here...."

"...and the result should be something like this!"

by Dora Goldworthy, Elijah's Grey Panthers

submitted by Zoe the She-Elf

Dinner according to Merry and Pippin

by Elanor, Elijah's Grey Panthers

You guys, I'm really hungry-what have we got to eat?

Well, let's see-some easy mac, some brownie mix, and some un-popped popcorn...

But I don't know how to make any of those things!

Oh, right...

Well, no worries, Merry and I will figure it out!

You mean I get a night off from cooking?! Brilliant! Here's all the stuff you'll need!

Pip: Great...thanks sam...
Merry: Good work pip...

Merry: Pip, why in the world did you say we could do this?
Pip: I dunno, we haven't done anything funny in a while-I figured this could be a way for some comic relief!

Right, well, good luck with that!

Merry: Because you are on your own!
Pip: But I'm not allowed to use matches, how will I cook anything?

Yes Pippin, if you shut up I will start a fire for you, but why don't you just ask Sam, or start it yourself?

Last time we stopped I tried to start a fire by you can see...they made me promise not to again, but I promised sam i would cook so he could have the night off!

*thinks to self-I know this is not a good idea, giving pippin fire...but a promise's a promise...*

Frodo: Ah, great, is dinner ready?
Pippin: Yeah! I actually...I mean, Yeah, it's done!
Sam: I wonder what these black bits are in the mac-n-cheese...
Sam: It's actually *gag* not that bad!
later that night

Oh no! Revenge of the mac-n-cheese

Oh no! Why oh why did I let Pippin cook?!?!

Aragorn: The rest of you seem fine, why is Frodo so sick?
Sam: Well you see Strider, sir, Mr. Frodo has the most delicate digestive system of all of us, him being a regular gentlehobbit and all. The rest of us, we were raised to eat pretty much anything, save poison of course, but Mr. Frodo hasn't got our immunities if you will...
Pippin: ...and don't forget-he ate all of the brownies before we could even get any!

I really shouldn't have eaten those brownies!

submitted by Zoe the She-Elf

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Frodo - Watch out! Nazgirls coming from behind!!

Frodo - Hhmmmmmmm Yes. Better than the stupid cold mountain.

Sam *mocking voice* - Anything's better than that stupid cold mountain!
Frodo - Shut up.

by Taure Leafsilver, Elijah's Grey Panthers

by Explody, Elijah's Grey Panthers

submitted by R.E.Catz

submitted by Zoe the She-Elf