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Caption Contest # 17

Sean: Come on, everyone together! WE WILL, WE WILL ROCK YOU! Dum, dum, duh, dum, dum, dum...I CAN'T HEAR YOU!
Elijah: Oh, gosh, wasn't there some other way to raise money for the costumes?

by Elbereth Varda Dear mother, I stopped by a wax museum and found these wax sculptures of Sean Astin and Elijah Wood!!! by Shieldmaiden Elijah does his best impression of a tellitubbie. by Nikki Elijah: I am not a teletubby! Just because I look like one doesn't mean I am one. This is the real teletubby! Sean: Cootah! Beep Beep! Big hug! Again again! by Aglaroenanor Elijah: Kids, this is what happens when you put illegal substances in your best friends' waterbottle. by selindë Sean, we're playing Freeze Tag. Don't move until I yell YOU'RE IT! by Deb Scarf...$40
Light-Colored Jacket...$90
Dark-Colored Jacket...$100
Having a friend who will share an embarassing moment with you...Priceless. by Tahiri Greenleaf Elijah: Hmmm...did we not say it's not okay to take some caption pictures when we're acting funny? Did they listen?? NOOOooooOooo...Poor Sean...he'll be laughed at so much. *sigh* by Lula

Saruman after a night with too much coffee.
"I haven´t blinked since the Second Age!"

by Dora Goldworthy, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Legolas found a great deal on arrows: Buy One Get One Free!

submitted by GemmySilver

"Hold still, meatling, and let me show you how to do the goldfish expression..."

by Nziz, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Legolas found out the hard way that feathers tickle.

submitted by GemmySilver

As much as he tried, Chuck just couldn't keep up with the fast choreography of drawing his sword while at the same time screeching.

by LaWiseWoman or

"Wait. Is it sceech, THEN draw sword or draw sword THEN screech?"
"It's at the same time you idiot!"
"*whispers* He never was the brightest of kings and let me tell you, when he got that ring, he didn't get any smarter."

Artemis Archeress, Elijah's Grey Panthers


by Noddy, Elijah's Grey Panthers


Oh, look at all these little black dots!

by Celebalqua, Elijah's Grey Panthers

What do you mean, my horse has better armour than me...?

submitted by Gemmy Silver

Pippin knew it was a bad idea asking Legolas to pierce his ears…….

by Dizzy Brunette, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Does that really need a caption?

by Cuina

Galadriel: Finest manicure in the land? I don't think so!
Guy on far Left: Well, mine's alright...
Guy on Right: Oh- wait- they missed a spot on this finger...

Statues: Ditto!

Haldir: I'm sorry. I tried my best!

by hobbithound frodobaggins lives, Elijah's Grey Panthers

What do you mean I need a tictac?!

submitted by GemmySilver

submitted by Cuina