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Caption Contest # 16

At the sight of 10,000 uruk-hai bounding up the plains towards them, Legolas and Aragorn could only think this: "crap"

by Charlotte viggo: PJ needs to make his cue cards bigger, I can't see a thing. by katie After nearly a week of waiting, Legolas and Aragorn could see Gimli catching up with them...
Legolas: About time too. by Mithfeniel legolas: We're lost again... I knew it!
aragorn: I could have sworn PJ said right at the dead tree...
legolas: HE SAID LEFT! LEFT YOU MERE MORTAL!! by galloping elf Aragorn: Thank goodness those elves came. They'll be able to get the 4,012 on the right. And the 5,983 on the left. And I can get those five in the middle. by Aniale You know, when you think about it, it's really not that hard to see why Tolkien named him LEGOLAS...
O-verwhelmingly cute
L-ovely looking
S-weet by Tahiri Greenleaf A pause as Aragorn tries to remember where he put the keys to Minas Tirith. by Absinthe Aragorn, Legolas and friends await the late pizza boy... by Robin
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Legolas - What do your elf eyes see?

In honour of all those who have submitted captions to that immortal phrase...

Viggo: Legolas what do your elf eyes see...
Orlando: I see one smelly human who needs glasses...
Viggo: sigh...

by Celebalqua ARAGORN: "Legolas, what do your elf eyes see?"
LEGOLAS: "McDonald's next exit." by Deb Aragorn: What do your elf-eyes see, Legolas?
Legolas: I would tell you, but for the twenty-odd Riders standing in my way. by Bookworm 2000 Aragorn: Legolas, what do your elf eyes see?
Legolas:*thinks* For pete's sake, stop asking me that and just BUY SOME BINOCULARS! by fiona Aragorn: Legolas...what do your elf eyes see?
Legolas: Hmmm..if I look right into the camera lense I can clearly see the vast army of men coming up behind us... by Myelftoo Aragorn: Legolas what do you elf eyes see
Legolas: *thinks to self* Oh now my contact has slipped i can't see a thing, think fast* ummm i see, i see ohhhh i see a fog *darn* by Princess of Mirkwood Aragorn: Legolas what do you elf eyes see
Legolas: oh no! it cant be? not ANOTHER bugerking? by Gemma Aragorn: Legolas what do you elf eyes see
Legolas: Orcs!!! thousands coming right this way
Gimli: *jumping up and down* what? i can't see! where? h5> by Gemma Aragorn: Legolas what do you elf eyes see
Legolas: fangirls hundreds comeing this way
Aragorn: Oh God!!! not again RRRRUUUUUNNNN!!!!!! by KatiexXx Legolas: OH NO!!!
Aragorn: what is it legolas? what do your elf eyes see?
Legolas: Gandalf, and and and...... *falls to the floor in tears* his hair *sobs* is nicer then mine *aaaaaahhhhhhhhh* by The Sugar Plum Fairy Aragorn: Legolas, what do your elven eyes see?
Legolas: The impending doom is upon us.
Aragorn: *gasp* Sauron's legions are marching this way?
Legolas: No, the crazed fangirls are coming. by annie Legolas: I'm getting ather sick of all these "What do your elf eyes see?" captions!
Aragorn: *sigh* here we go again by Lu North
So I guess it's time to stop those... heh.

"Elijah Wood tries desperately to attack thin air..."

or "Elijah finally had enough of everyone taking the mick out of his mowhawk"

by naughty lil hobbit, Elijah's Grey Panthers

by Haleycopter, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Pay attention to me. I am trying to make an important household purchase.

by Artemis Archeress, Elijah's Grey Panthers

by haleycopter, Elijah's Grey Panthers

by Teeque, Beware the Chipmunk (check out that site, there are some new captions up.)

by Teeque, Beware the Chipmunk