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Caption Contest # 15

Smeagol: What are we doing tonight, Gollum?
Gollum: The same thing we do every night, Smeagol... trying to take over the movie!

by Tildy Gollum finally sees what 600 years without moisturising can do to your skin. by Jade "Mental note to self preciousssss: buy a toupée..." by Charlotte After over 500 years, Gollum meets his long lost twin brother, ET. It is an emotional moment. by Brownie - In Motion Frodo was terribly disappointed when his brand new camera produced pictures of this quality. by Stefanie
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Captions submitted by Elera

Daddy, will you sign this permission so I can go on the class field trip?

Grima - Almost finished!
Saruman - Good! And after you finish those dishes I want you to come over here and fit this apron I'm sewing you.
Grima - Okay!

Theoden - why is everyone looking at me funny?
Aragorn - I told them about your French manicure.

Fully equipped with years of being a boy scout leader, Gandalf attempts to rub two sticks together to make a fire.

Pippin - Hey, when I shut my eyes, it's not so dark!

Frodo - and then Gandalf died...
Galadriel - Yes, but how does that make you FEEL?

Gandalf - They are....waitaminute, do you want me to say "they are coming" or "they're coming"?
The rest of the cast and crew groans

When provoked, the vicious snapping turtle of Moria will attack.

Wait, you're going to wear THOSE shoes with THAT outfit?! Good god, I am definately getting you people new cloaks.

Galadriel - Yes, this is definately Herbal Essence.
Frodo - You sure? Legolas said it was Pantene ProV.

Frodo - You left a tag on this thing... and it says it cost two bucks.
Bilbo - Yes, well...

Frodo tried to determine who placed a whoopee cushion on his chair, while Gandalf tried to maintain all seriousness as to not reveal he was the culprit.

The Sunglasses

by Celebalqua,

Elijah:Yah I borrowed these sunglasses from Hugo. I don't think he'll mind.
Hugo: Precious! Its Lost!
Billy: Oh This will be fun.

(picture by t_regan)

Billy:He didn't just really say that did he?
Dom: I knew you shouldn'y have stolen his sunglasses 'Lij.
Elijah: Meep!

Playing Hide and Seek

by haleycopter,

Wraith: Delivery for Baggins from Mordor Pizza Co.
Frodo: Finally! Do you take Mastercard?

by Tamuril Vanimedle,

Legolas: Let me see...100 to 1, 8 arrows, I can take them...

by TamurilVanimedle,

Lij: *whiny voice* ID? Are you kidding me? Don't you know who I am?

by TamurilVanimedle,

Elijah *thinking* - Dude, it's like 5 pm and I've signed like 2000 pictures, I hate these events, I hate sitting here like in some shopping mall's window, open for everyone to see, to take pictures of.... *to next fangirl* Oh, hi! So nice of you to be here! *smile*
*hundreds of fangirls melt*

by LaWiseWoman

Sam: I don't think we're in Kansas anymore Mr. Frodo...
Frodo: You could be right there, Sam...*gulp*

by TamurilVanimedle,