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Caption Contest #14

Elijah reacts badly when he sees his receeding hairline in the reflection of the CD case.
by jewlmc
YEAH! Finally! Lord of the Rings CLIFF NOTES!
by MerryMary
Elijah buys a copy of "How to keep from hyperventilating in a crowd."
by Daronda
Elijah's reaction when he recieves a compilation of captions in the mail from his "friends" over at the Daily Hobbit (formerly GP).
by Artemis Archeress
Elijah Wood demonstrates his immense talent used on all the LOTR movies that he learned from the book 101 Ways to Look Shocked: The Actors Edition.
by Dracadancer
WHAT? You mean there's more hair on my feet than there is on my head?
by Stefanie
Obviously no one ever told him his pet flee could bite.
by cuina

Boromir: Today is a good day, little brother! Here you go, you deserve this.

Faramir: A nonfat double grande mochachino with extra whipped cream! You're the best, bro!!

by Astael, The Daily Hobbit

Guy behind Faramir: non-fat, what a sissy!

by Wicked Biccie, The Daily Hobbit

"Duracell - The Long Lasting Battery when All other Lights go out."

by LaWiseWoman

Monty Python Madness

by Astael, The Daily Hobbit

Pippin: What is it, Merry?
Merry: I don't rightly know, Pip.

Legolas: It's hideous! This foul creature must be destoyed!

Aragorn: Easy, tiger. No weapon of men or elven kind can defeat such a mightly foe.
Gandalf: Seriously. It ain't easy to smote your enemy's ruin on the mountainside. I should know.

Legolas: No, really, I can hit it! Look, watch me slay the dreadful beast!

Gimli: Oh look. You missed. Quelle suprise.

Shut up.

Frodo: All is lost. There is no hope. Our quest has failed.

Sam: Uh, guys? Don't you think you're being a tad dramatic? After all....

Treebeard: Ooooh!! I can't wait to play with my new hobbit action figures!

(by Astael, the Daily Hobbit)

Ah, my fangirls, you're bowing in the wrong direction! Bow to me!

by Haleycopter, The Daily Hobbit

Peter Jackson's School of Dance

by Lexa III and pearltook, The Daily Hobbit

Go on, Sam! Ask Rosie for a dance!

I can't. I don't know how to dance.

Don't despair. In three easy lessons at the Peter Jackson School of Dance, you can learn to dance using smooth moves like me.

You gently lead with your left hand and then step forward making sure not to stomp on her feet.

Peter: Look, it's step left 1-2-3, step right 1-2-3, THEN turn.
Aragorn: Oh! Step, THEN turn

Aragorn: Please, just one last tango.
Eowyn: No. My feet are killing me.

I won't dance! Don't ask me!

I would love to cha-cha but I keep tripping on my beard.

~wallflower Gandalf~
Gandalf: I wish someone would ask me to dance. *sigh*

Sam: was that 1-2-3 step turn? or 1-2-3 turn, step? Oh, I'm never going to get Rosie to notice me!

Orlando was not impressed by the Drag queen that had gatecrashed the POTC set.

by naughty lil hobbit, The Daily Hobbit

Saruman bores Grima with another one of his fish tales.
Saruman: The one that got away was this big.
Grima:*groan* Not this story again

Actually, the fish was only this big.

by Lexa III, The Daily Hobbit

Kick me!

by Lexa III, The Daily Hobbit

Shhhh... I'm playing a little joke on Sean...

Sean: What did you say? I couldn't hear you.
Elijah: Oh nothing Sean...nevermind *snicker*

This morning I carefully placed a "KICK ME" sign on Sean's back.

Sean hasn't got a clue.

You're not going to tell him, are you?

OH NO! It looks like Sean found out. He is running this way yelling my name.

Legolas, sick of Aragorn's endless blonde jokes, takes drastic measures.

by explody, The Daily Hobit