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Dom awaited assistance, as sliding off the giant chair could result in uncomfortable, embarassing splinters.

by haleycopter

Hmmm... Need more ent-water.

by Merry Mary

Dom: *thinking to self* "I wonder how many trees it took to make this chair?"

by Tamaruda

'Dom couldn't help but feel that his role in 'The Lord of the Rings' had left him type-cast as a small person after being called up to audition for the staring role in 'Short man goes to big people land II'

by Aina Riversea

Dom: "You mean it's not for the 'Giant Novelty Lawnchair Sitting Competiton'?"

by BeTTy

Perfect white background...$40
Photo-shoot film (for the camera)...$60
Perfect Photo-shoot-High-Quality Camera...$400
Always feeling like a hobbit...Priceless.

by Tahiri Greenleaf

Some pics from The Green Books on

by Daniel Uranowski

by Jackie

by Terry Walker

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submitted by Cuina