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Captions from [Beware the Chipmunk]

with kind permission by Teeque

Galadriel: Welcome to United Middle Earth Flights. Please set your tray tables in the upright and locked positions. All seatbelts must remained fastened until the light is off. We will serve drinks soon. Thank you and have a nice flight.

And the Fellowship was blinded as Gandalf the Groovy returned to them with a strobe light and disco ball.

Aragorn - Gandalf! You were supposed to bring down TWO THOUSAND not TWO DOZEN!

Hmm... nice soft cushion... Cover's a bit spiky, though.

Psst... if you listen closely, you can hear him humming the Theme Song to "Spiderman".

Haldir (singing to the tune of Monty Python's "We're Knights of the Round Table):
Haldir - We're elves of the Golden Wood, we dance really, really, really good, we do routines in all our scenes for each and every mood -
Boromir - All I know is I said: "Let's not go to Lorien, 'tis a silly place" - but nnooooooo....

Yes, kids, that's why we don't stick our fingers in light sockets!

Extra 28366480A75: Hey MUM! Down here! Left center! I TOLD you I would make it in Hollywood!

Legolas - Da boss is not happy with you, Louie. Mess up on da bit again and ya'll end up in cement shoes, ya hear me?

Will you people just clean that blasted camera lense? Pete sakes!