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Caption Contest #12

Lij: Go a little bit to right... No, try left... Up! Up! No, nothing yet...
Guy: Excuse Mr. Wood, but I think that Mr. Bloom played a trick on you. This telepathic receiver he sold you is fake and I'm feeling ridiculous being the antenna.
by Mystique
Elijah experiments with his new remote control chair
Lij: How do i work this thing again? this button's forward right?
Guy: NOOOO!!!!!
Lij: Ooops.
by gallopingelf
No! The Vulcan mind meld just doesn't work like that. I'll call Leonard Nimoy He'll show you!
by Margaret
Lij:I look like a cat when you do that you know.
by David
Guy in Blue: Did you want it short? I like it short. why dont i cut it short? but we havent even talked about how your going to wear your hair to the premiere..cuz you know I was thinkin' "up". Lij: *sigh*...
by The King is dead...or maybe not
Elijah reading a bottle of superglue - blah blah blah keep out of reach of children, blah blah toxic blah blah A HERE WE GO! In the case of bodyparts being stuck call this number. I cannot believe this!
Stylist - you can't believe this! I've gotta stand like this all day! AND I HAD THEATRE TICKETS!
by Elle

Dom, you'll never be able to catch that fly like that!

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A happy warlord takes home his prize in the guess the weight of the toddler competition. (by JJ)

Thank God Max has his mother's looks. (by Angela)

Orcs found the Atkins diet allowed the odd snack every now and again. (by Bob Blainey)

Despite all Campbell's coaching, Prescott still hadn't learned to take egg-throwing with good humour. (by Chris Harrison)

In retrospect, Hamley's realised they should have gone with the traditional Santa's Grotto. (by James)

All captions from the BBC online Website

submitted by haleycopter

You've spent hours in make up, standing up for what seems like an eternity getting your costume fitted perfectly, and your whole being is focused on getting the shot the director wants. The gritty determination, that hard steeled look.

And then...

by Bonafide Frodoholic

Legolas - *cough, cough*
Boromir: You alright, lad?
submitted by Tallulah

by haleycopter

Rivendell Automated Morning Services Device - "How do you want you're coffee, Mr Wood?"

by Frodo

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Come to me, Fangirls.

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