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Caption Competition #11

Balrog: You think you gonna make it to the second movie, huh? by Tildy
Balrog: Yes I am on fire. Your point is? by Sneffy
On second thought...maybe you CAN pass! by Matt "Ringbearer" McKinney
Gandalf: Now kids what do you say to the nice Balrog who has generously volunteered to be our bonfire at tonight's weenie roast? by Sarah
**Wild America theme plays as background music - Marty Stouffer voice over** "During the months leading up to winter the males of the Big Horn sheep herds become quite irritable. Do not try to photograph them, especially using flash, as they may become distraught due to your presence." by Habitual Wanderer
Gandalf... G-a-n-d-a-l-f! I am your conscience! Quit smoking, Gandalf... Quit smoking... by Tildy
Gandalf: Quick! Somebody, get a hose!!! by G. R.
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Nazgul: Hey kid! You got any breathmints, me and my steed need one.
Frodo: I can tell.
by Tar-Eldarion_Telcontar
Nazgul: Now you say you have to go up the river, cross the the Misty mountains at Caradhras, fly over Eriador, come down the Gap of Rohan, then turn southeast once you get to the Emyn Muil to get to Minas Tirith? Sounds like the path's a little out of the way, but hey, you're the Gondorian.
by Gamil_Zirak
"Nazgul: 'Okay. Hobbit spotted. Ring spotted. Now how do I get off this stupid beast to get them?'"
by Elmtree
Frodo (singing): Feeeed the biiirrrds, feeeed the biiiirds, tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag . . .
by pippinsqueak
Nazgul: Is this Pizmo Beach?
Frodo:This is Osgiliath. You know the place in Gondor.
Nazgul:I must have took a wrong turn at Istanbul.
by EorltheYoung
Frodo: Eecuse me sir, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave. You and your fell beast are scaring away all the tourists.
by Erandil_Duiniant
That'll be one gold coin to cross the River Styx into Hades, please.
by theonefish

After hearing about the large bounty on the head of Osama bin Laden, Grima looks at Saruman in a new light by Aerlindiel
Grima considers killing the old guy, after Saruman sorrowfully informs him that he sat on his hamster...
by prettygaladriel
Grima: Look, I'm not trying to hurt your feelings, but the truth is the truth. Gandalf's new robes are whiter than yours.
by pippinsqueak

retreat,retreat, fangirls on the rampage!!!! by legolas_freak

Frighten up to 25% more enemies with White Strips from Crest!"
by Hobbit Lass
by Airekriswen
Finding it appropriate, Eomer begins singing the music to 'Ride of the Valkyries'.
by smeaglesprecious
I know I can't die in this film but please stop spearing me in the back with those things. I can still feel pain!!
by Angharad_kang
Rohan's ill-conceived polo league brings on yet another Pelennor flashback
by naurghash