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Caption Contest #10

Elijah *thinks to self*: This LORD OF THE RINGS. Not Monty Python! Why do I have to make the sound effects for Aragorn's horse! by _liz_elf_gurl
~ "My uncle went to the Lonely Mountain and all I got was this lousy drum." (by Eva)
Guy behind: Aragorn's dark and brooding.
Elijah Wood: Just like me then, only taller. (by Laura North)
Frodo: This multi-cultural hobbit thing is going a bit too far... by MerryMary
Frodo's plan to save money by begging their way to Mt Doom was not getting off to a good start. by anonymous
He's behind me isn't he? by Ghani
Frodo: I finally get a spot in the orchestra and what do I get? A lousy drum solo in The March of the Ents! Why couldn't I have played the accordion? by Glory-of-the-Sun
I introduce them, I make him dance with her when he's too shy, I tell her about what a hero he was and what am I at the wedding? A flower-Hobbit!!! I am SO going to Valinor now! by Matt
*sob*I can`t believe that I didn`t make the audition for the Backstreet Hobbits! by Lady Este
Frodo's plan to save money by begging their way to Mt Doom was not getting off to a good start. by anonymous
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Are You Sure?

by bullroarer took, nziz, FrodoBaggins and Astael, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Dry and secure
Raise your hand
Raise your hand
If you're Sure!






Definitely "UNSURE."

Orli: "Sure!"
Dom: "Um, maybe..."
Billy: "Help!"
Elijah: "Aw, jeez."

Completely unsure....

Too sure.

BB: och an thennae cem oop ta meh an sayd ta meh donnae ye goot soommore ahten thingyermadoogs sew ya cannea (continuous stream of scottish yodling) SA: hmmm what in sam hill is he saying??? DM: ***** ?

by annabelle, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Elijah: Meep! What is *that*?!
Sean: Oh, stop! Do you think anything could happen while Safety Sean is here?

by Elen Lilta, Elijah's Grey Panthers

"sniff... sniff....."
"What is it?!... What do you smell??!!"

"Sniff sniff......"

"Macaroni!!....................and cheese!!......"

The Bugger!

by FrodoBaggins, Elijah's Grey Panthers ( referring to a running joke on Grey Panthers that Elijah likes to eat macaroni and cheese - probably because of his allegedly bad cooking skills... )

The picture...

The reaction...

*quiet groan of embarassment*

by naughty lil hobbit, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Burger King of Mordor - An old joke freshed up

by explody, tater and plaidpjs, Elijah's Grey Panthers

FRODO: Are you sure the Burger King's through there?
GOLLUM: Yes! Yes it is, Precioussss!

Hello, First Burger King of Mordor, can I take your order please?

Make me a burger worthy of Mordor.

What orders from Mordor, my lord?
Saruman: a hamburger, make it quick!

Does he want fries with that?

CUT!!! We discontinued the Burger King tie ins! There is no fast food in middle earth, your destroying the pristine environment of the Shire!