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The following captions are by bullroarer took, Elijah's Grey Panthers:

*Auctioneer: Thirty-five, thirty-five, who'll pay thirty-five?*

A sense of alarm swept over Monaghan and Wood as they realized they went right instead of left and ended up in the middle of a Hobbit Auction.

Ok, that was two italians, one with no peppers, three cheesesteaks, two fries, one order of pierogies and an iced tea. Got it.

Thanks for calling Sam's Subs, and remember, we always answer on One Ring!

Who's the most beautiful hobbit in the world? Yes, you. No, you are. No, you. No, really, you are...

Ok, now everybody...

*singing* I'm a little teapot short and stout...

EW: Oh crud. Missed my mouth again. DM: Dude, I can't take you anywhere.

Voice offcamera: Ok, who glued hobbit feet to Richard Taylor while he was sleeping?
DM: Doo doo doo doo doo...hmm hmm hmm
YKW: La la la la la la, uh, wha?

Caption Contest #8

EW: I told you not to play with that pencile before the press conference

by David

Elijah: ...well to cut a long story short, superglue is not a toy.

by Pyramid

Elijah - Dude, did that camera lense just hit you in the face? I told you we needed helmets...

by MADison
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