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Caption Contest #6

Here are the winners:

Aragorn: "What do your elf eyes see?"
Legolas: *surprised* "Sheep. Lots and lots of sheep. And people wearing odd clothing... and some bizarre carriages that move without horses to pull them..."
Aragorn: *thoughtful* "I don't think we're in Middle-Earth anymore, Legolas." Gimli: *catching up* "Why do I smell sheep?"
(by Marlynn )

Aragorn: Let me get this straight, Legolas.
Legolas: yeah?
Aragorn: You lost you car keys.
Legolas: yes...
Aragorn: CRAP!! well...start lookin'
(by Laura)

Legolas: I spy with my little eye a....
Aragorn: Not this game again you always win
(by Mrs Greenleaf)

Aragorn: Well by the size of those umm "rocks" and the smell in the air I think we need to reconsider the diet for the oliphants. (by Ronie)

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Caption Contest #7

And the winners are...

Legolas: Gandalf, shine a little brighter, will you? I still can't find my contact lense... (by Lauren)

Aragorn: wow, his hair actually matches his eyebrows Legolas: not funny. (by melaura)

Gandalf:I come back to you now at the turn of the tide.
Aragorn: What 'tide'? Were in a forest not the ocean!
(by Brittney)

Gimli: Honestly, Gandalf, how many times do we have to tell you? One cup of laundry bleach should have been sufficient-ONE!
Gandalf: You don't have to rub it in- that stuff gets everywhere.
Aragorn: Your HAIR, too? [Sighs] You're like a search-light, man.
Legolas: Um, Gandalf? Can you shine down here for a moment? I think I dropped a barrette.
(by Alquawen)

Aragorn: I see dead people. (by Megan)

Gandalf: Wow, you guys are shorter than I remembered. (by TQ)

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(submitted by Beccy)

Elrond does the Laundry

by bluefuzzyslippers, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Oh no! I put a red sock in with the whites again...The guys are NOT going to be pleased.

Elijah's tie...

Dom's shirt...

Sean's hat...

Orli's shirt...

I don't even know how THAT got in there...

I'd better get out of here while I still can.

He got your's too?


WHAT did I just step in?!

by Nazgirl