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I've been woefully miscast, Sam.

by ThingsYouShouldKnow, Elijah's Grey Panthers (referring to a review of The Two Towers, which read: Personally the casting of Elijah wood was always a dreadful mistake as Frodo and although he is better here he is still woefully miscast, thankfully he is far less annoying than in the first installment.

Pictures and Captions from Tolkien Humour: "The Botch of the Rings"

Thursday was the Istari's regular bowling evening.

Create a lunch worthy of Mordor!

Inadvertently, Frodo discovered the last great secret of the Ancient Elven Race: Wonderbras.

After a long hard day tormenting the hosts of Gondor, his crown hurt, his boots were killing him... he hoped Mrs Witch-King had run a nice hot bath and got his slippers ready.

picture by John Howe

Be honest. Do I look good in black?

The Inaugural Rivendell Surfing Challenge was not the success the onlookers had hoped for.

picture by John Howe

Here's written in the Fešnorian characters according to the mode of Beleriand:
Beware of the Balrog

(by Susan; taken from Toasted Hobbits)

(taken from The One Swoon of Middle Earth )

We have Starbucks! We have Starbucks! Mocha lattes!!

(by bullroarer took, Elijah's Grey Panthers)