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Caption Contest # 4

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Theoden: For Eru's sake Aragorn, you've got TWO BIG COUNTRIES OF YOUR OWN to put these darn cranes, and where do you put them of all places? ROHAN!
Aragorn: They're not cranes!
Theoden: That's not the point!
Aragorn: But they're still not cranes!
Theoden: Just... get them out of here, Aragorn...

(by Lauren) Don't look know Aragorn but there is a camera following us... (by Danni)

The staring contest had gone on for days now, and neither of the contestants had shown signs of giving up. It had even made it way onto national television.

(by Evenstar3000)

Aragorn: They say it's a new reality TV show idea.
Theoden: But do the cameras have to be this close?

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Caption Contest #5

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What do you mean my only expressions in the movie were 'shocked' and 'dumbfounded !!!

(by Jicin) YOU CANNOT TIG ON A TOG!!! (by Nazgirl) "Look, I've been here for over a year, i have fake feet that peel off, fake hair that itches and fake ears! I have been doing night shoots for ages and i have trudged through mud, and you ask me if i want a NIGHT OFF?! WHAT DO YOU THINK?!" (by Charlotte) Stupid can! I will get you open if it's the last thing I do!!! (by sara)


(by Maget)

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The effects of Minas Tirith

(by MaggieSt, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Members of the Fellowship were amazed when they first looked upon the city of Minas Tirith.

Gandalf: Minas Tirith!

Gimli: Minas Tirith !!

Merry, Pippin, & Sam: Minas Tirith !!

Patsy: Pfffftttt! It's only a model !!!

Breaking into the World of Advertising

(by nienna, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Hello, my name is Sauron. You may know me as the evil, dark lord from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Well, don't worry, I'm not torturing any young hobbits today. I'm here to talk about your eyes.

My allergies used to be so terrible, my eye was constantly itchy, red and irritated. It felt like it was on fire! Until I discovered this marvelous product.

Yes, Visine!! And what a world of difference it made!! Just look at me now!!



Hello, my name is Frodo Baggins. You probably know me as the lovable, furry footed hero from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. What you may not know though, is that I wasn't always so furry footed.

All of the other hobbits' feet were covered in hair, but mine weren't. I was so ashamed and wore boots whenever I could. *sniffle*

Until I discovered this fabulous product!!

Now thanks to Rogaine, my feet are as furry as the next guy's! I even convinced my friends and cousins to use it.

And now we're the official Rogaine spokeshobbits. Check out the great display cut out! We recommend it to any hobbit not satisfied with their feet. Oh and don't stress ladies.

Rogaine has a solution for you too! Just ask our happy customer Rosie!


Gimli: the dwarves have been trying to cope with this mutant problem.
Aragorn: what mutant problem?

(by Gloria)

"Oh blimmin heck..."

"What the..."

"Oh the guy's gonna regret those pictures..."

"gotta get this on camera..."

"GOOO GREASE LIGHTNIN' YOU'RE BURNIN' UP THE QUARTER MILE!! La la la!!!!" *random hip wiggling movements*

(by Naughty Lil Hobbit, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

"So you go out the gate, make a left, go three block, turn right, it's there on the corner."
"Right. Go out the gate turn....what?"
"Go out the gate, hang a left."
"Oh yeah. Ok. Hang a left at the gate, go two blocks...."
"Three. Three blocks, Elijah."
"I got it. Go out the gate, hang a right, go three blocks..."
"Noooooo. Left. Go left. Turn left outside the gate, then go three blocks. THEN turn right."
"Ok ok. I go out the gate."
"Yes. then turn left an go three blocks."
"Right? I go right? I thought I went left. Are you sure?"
Left. you turn left. LEFT. Oh man. Look. How about I drive you there ok?..."

(by FrodoBaggins, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

"Awright.... Who's the wisecracker with the SuperGlue........"

(by FrodoBaggins, Elijah's Grey Panthers)