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The Jacket

A Caption Story about Elijah Wood's most famous One Brown Jacket

by FrodoBaggins, Elijah's Grey Panthers

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There are about 270 pictures in this caption story; if you'd like to view it in more than one page, go here .


Yo, Frodo!

Geez! Who are you?!?

I'm your future, Dude

Last time I did this, I ended up in Pennsylvania. What do you want?

Yeah..Well.. I had nothing to do with that.

Mr. Frodo. Wake up. Time to get going.

Sam, I had one of those dreams last night.

The Old Man?

Tell me we're NOT going to Pennsylvania again, Mr. Frodo

No, he was kind of a strange looking fellow. Said he was my future or something like that...

But that's not too likely. He had whiskers and hardly any hair. Go figure.



Geez. You really know now to ruin a good sleep. *Yawn*

Oh come on. Look at you there. No bed, no pillow, not even a mat. You can't tell me you were really sleeping on all that rock. I know you better than that.

Good point.

OK. Here's the deal. I left my jacket there somewhere and I need you to find it for me.

Find your jacket? You lost the jacket?

I'm in the middle of something here. Can't it wait?

I guess not.....

I owe you one Dude.

"Viggo, there's a rumor going around that Elijah left his jacket somewhere on the set. And now he wants Frodo to find it for him."

"Am I missing something here? Why doesn't he just come and get it himself?"

"Think..... He can't. This is the year 2000. He can't just walk into the past, find his jacket, and then return to 2003. You must help Frodo find this thing so we can get on with the story."

"Am I interrupting something?"

"Uh, there's been a slight change of plans"

"Elijah left his jacket and we need to help Frodo find it."

"Hrmmph. This is going to set things back a bit. Where did he leave it?"

"That's the problem. He doesn't remember. And now he's got Frodo wandering all over New Zealand looking for the thing"

"OK. Look, we can stall things a bit so you guys can help Frodo. But we can't drag this thing out. Find the jacket, and get back here as soon as you can."

"All right, well. Let's try the Bree set. Come on, Sam"



"Freooodddoooo...hello.........ringa dinga ding........."

"It's you again..."

"Any luck finding my jacket?"

"I'm going to Bree. Maybe you left it in the bar. I just hope nobody gets in trouble for this."

"Wish I could remember where I left it. Bree.... Maybe."

"Find that rascal!"

"It's Frodo... and the other one..."

"Shouldn't we tell them we are here?"

"No. If we do that, we'll scare the begezis out of the little guy and he'll be no good for the rest of the film."

"No, the best thing is just follow behind, out of sight, and make sure they find the jacket, give it back to Elijah, and get on with it."

"I've got my lap top. We could just order a new jacket from LL Bean. It could be here in 2 days."

"What. Are you nuts? He'd know. He was glued to that jacket from day one. No. We must find it. There is no other option"

"I have an idea, Mr. Frodo. We have about as much change of finding that jacket in Bree as the Gaffer does to win the lottery."

"What are you getting at?"

"I packed your lap top. Get online and order a jacket just like it from LL Bean. It can be here in two days.."

"Geez, Sam. He'd know it wasn't his. No. we must find the jacket and get it back to him so we can get on with it."

"There is no other option...."

"Let me get this straight. You're looking for Elijah's jacket? The brown one that he loves more than life?"

"I'm thinking it's in Bree. That's where we are going. If it's there, no problem. I just get it back to him and we move on."

"This should be easy, Frodo. Besides, a little break from sitting in a tree is cool. We're in"

"But how did he find you out here?"
"He came in a dream. Freaky looking guy. Gives me the willies. But he wants his jacket, and I told him I would find it for him."

"Not a word of this to anyone. ok? If Peter finds out, my goose will be cooked."

"Not a word, Frodo"

"I thought I would find you out here......"

"Where'd HE come from?!?


"I'm gonna die.... I'm gonna die......."

"HA HA HA HA HA!!! Did you see the look on their faces??!?
"You really are terrible, Peter."
"All right. Two days. That's all. If he doesn't find Elijah's jacket by then, it's back to work."

"You almost got us fired back there!"

"He's probably on the phone to my agent right now"
"Oh well, it was fun while it lasted."
"Well, since we're here, we might as well make the most of it."

"Better check on the jacket first...."

"Excuse me, but did you happen to find a corduroy jacket?

"Corduroy jacket. Hmmm. no, can't say that i found a jacket here. Sorry, little master."

"Where could he have left it then?"

"Ya think mehbe the Rivendell area? We could go see"

"All right. As soon as Merry get back from the loo, we'll leave."

Excuse me again, but could we get a doggy bag please?"

"I'm just glad Viggo and the others don't know what we're doin'."


"OK... I know you're here..."

"You're hiding, aren't you""

"This isn't funny, you know..."

"I am NOT going to spend my whole dream looking for you!"

"All right. I'm counting to three. One....... Two...........


"Do you have ANY idea where you might have left your jacket?">

"Come on. Help me out here. New Zealand is a big country when you don't have a car."

"Frodo, hobbits don't drive cars.."">


"Uncle Bilbo!!"

"Am I glad to see you!!!"

"I'm in a new movie, you know."

"Look. I printed this off the internet. Someone on a message board made a skit from pics that were posted."

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"You look cold there, Frodo lad. Were you dressed warmly enough?"

"I froze my tail off."

"Next time, my lad, wear thermals..."

"They bunch a little in the wrong places, but they're worth it."

"Did Frodo find Elijah's Jacket yet?"

"I don't believe so, But I'm keeping an eye on them"

"Peter gave Frodo only two days to find it. I do not think he will succeed"

"The lad will be upset if he doesn't get his jacket back. He loves the thing as if it were a pet"

"Frodo needs our help."

"Agreed. Well, Old Man, can you pull it off?"

"I managed the whole Pennsylvania trip.... .....I can do this."

"After that little side trip, he doesn't particularly like me, you know.."

"I'll bet..."

"We'll help Frodo find the jacket, Elrond. You just concentrate on Peter."

"We'll check the studio. Maybe Elijah left it there somewhere. I'll call if we find anything."

"Better check the bars too."


'Frodo Baggins.."

"Yikes!! The Old Man in my dream!!"

"How did you know?"

"Well, you look a little silly, but I recognize your face..." ">

"There. Better?"

"I'm told you have been asked to find a certain jacket. You know there's concern about the shooting schedule. You are one of the principle characters, you know."

"Elijah lost it somewhere and I've been looking everywhere for it."

"He showed up in a dream a few nights ago. Strangest thing. Said he left it here and wants me to find it for him. I've tried, but I can't seem to find the thing."

"I wish the dream had never come to me. I wish all this had never happened...."

"A little dramatic, don't you think?"


"Frodo, maybe you show look elsewhere. South perhaps."

"I should have followed Sam's advice and just ordered a new one. I have a credit card..."

"Speaking of whom, Frodo you're about to wake up"

................My credit card............

........ it was right here...........

"My credit card... my credit ca...."
"Frodo. Wake up! You're dreaming!"

"Sam! I've got it! I know where the jacket is!"

"The Old Man in my dream said to look some place south of here."

"Are you sure, Mr. Frodo?"
"South... yes. he said that perhaps we were looking in the wrong places."

"Sam. It's a cinch. There are only a few places Elijah could have left it. What do you say."
"It's worth a look."

"Come on then."

"Did you hear? Peter stopped production for two days. Something about Elijah's jacket. Frodo's lost somewhere in New Zealand looking for it, and the whole crew is just sitting around with nothing to do."

"They say he last had it here at Edoras"

"And that he has not seen it since..."

"I bet I can guess where it is.."


"Jacket?..... What jacket?"

** Meanwhile **

"Where the heck can Frodo be?"

"You don't think he went THERE, do you?"

"He knows the danger. Peter would not let us go to that site without a team. He's not that foolish."




"These feet are killing me..."

"Yeah, I don't think these things were meant to last more than a day"

"Here. Stuff some of this in there. Maybe it will help."

"That does help. It's hard walking on these rocks like this.."

(Thinks to self) What I could really use is a good cup of coffee....

"Get down!!!"

"I thought Peter was in Wellington.."

Maybe he'll just drive on by...

"We can hide over there!"

"Quick! Follow me!"

"Oh God... Get us out of this.... I'll do my laundry... I'll quit biting my nails.... "

** Half an hour later **

"I think the coast is clear, Mr. Frodo"


"Hurry!! Before it's too late!!"

"I never want to ride another horse again..."


"A hobbit chewed his fingernails here..."

"And over here..."

"Look. And here too"

"But not here........ This can mean only one thing.."

"Don't say it, Aragorn!"

"We're too late..."

"He ran out of fingernails"

"I don't know about this, Mr. Frodo..."

"Oh man....."

"I don't believe this!"


"I want to go home..."


"What th.........."

"Is that what I think it is?"

"Oh... nnooooo..."


"What do we do now, Mr. Frodo?"

"Beats me..."

"I guess go get it, huh?..."

"I think I lost a contact lense!"

"This is NOT fun!"



"Uh oh..."

"Come on, I know you're awake."


"Good try, dude."

"So............. Did you find it?"

"Uh.... yeah."


"There's something you ought to know..."

"Thanks a million, Frodo. You're spot on, dude."




"I found the jacket. It's a mess. Now what do I do?"

"And why the heck is this dream set in the middle of a snow storm?"

"The matter of the jacket is easily resolved."

"Think who might be able to repair and clean the jacket and restore it to its former glory. There you must take it, but be hasty. Peter is livid. This has taken longer than he was willing to allow."

"I think, Frodo, that also the reason you are having your dream in the middle of this scene is because FB is running out of picture options. You must be patient."

"Peter..... I saw him. He drove by. I think he was looking for me..."

.... later ....

"The Old Man in my dream said you might be the one to help me."

"And what did the Old Man say I could help you with, Frodo?" (thinks to self: What shampoo is this little hobbit using. Oh for a quick sniff....)

"Elijah left his jacket, I found it in the Dead Marshes, and the Old Man said you could clean it and make it good as new."

"Follow me."

"Are you going to be able to get it clean?"

I'll give it my best shot.."

"I thought you were going to like dry clean it or something.."

"Are you doubting my ability, little hobbit?"

" ."

"Here goes... "

"Roses are red...
Violets are blue...
Make this Jacket
As good as new..."

"Uh...... Better try it again..."

"Grass is green!
Sky is blue!
Get this coat
As good as new!!!!!"


"Be Ye Cleaned!!!!!!"




"This looks strangely familiar..."

"I've been here before..."

"I'm going in circles!..."

"I am not alone....."

"You shouldn't be wandering around out here by yourself, you know"

"What are you doing in my dream. Where's the Old Man?

"He couldn't make it. I'm it."

"So....... You got the jacket?

(Thinks to self) This is not cool...

"Come one. I just want to see it."

"Look. There's someone behind you."

"What. You think I'm that stupid?"

"Just because I didn't make it past film One...."

"Geez, dude, get a grip. It's just a movie."

"Oh, and, uh..... your fly, dude..."

"It maybe just a movie to you, you're in all three. Peter promised me a part in TTT. This is not fair.

"I should have been Aragorn..."

"I'm serious. look behind you."


"Come on feet! Faster!"


"What is it, Mr. Frodo?"


"It was just a dream."

"Are you ready?"

"Yeah! The jacket looks great. He's going to love it!"

"Now, just remember. It will be a strange place you are going to , and he will be utterly surprized to see you there."

"I can pay him out for having me run all over the countryside these past several days."

"It will be a wonderful adventure!!"
"I'd love to see the look on his face when you pop in."

"You be careful, Frodo Baggins..."

"I'll wait for you at the Bag End set. When you have returned the jacket, I will get you back here.

"One Two Three, Don't Be Slow!
Frodo Baggins, Off You Go!!"


"What tha.........."

"Uh.... guys...."

"What the hell are you?"



"Uh.. It may have shrunk a little..."

:::: Two hours later ::::

"I've been sitting here for ages. I don't understand this game. I want to go home."

:::: Meanwhile...::::

"I merely gave him a little nudge out of the cart..."
"And he has been gone how long?"
"His contract says nothing about random days off..."

"Hmm. How to Time Travel: Special Considerations: Hobbits... Oh. Should have read this part a little sooner."

"We have a problem..."

"Yak yak yak yak"

"And you are sure of this?"

"Hobbits can't time travel, Gandalf. You must send someone to get him and return him safely back to this time and place."

"You must be swift. Now hurry."

"Oh.. And, uh.... bring back some of that coffee they have, will you?

"What tha........"

*Thinks to self* Gotta love the entrance....

"Gandalf? What are you dressed like that for?"

"I'm going to fetch Frodo and bring him back to this time and place...."

"Before something happens. I learned that hobbits can't time travel, and, well, it may pose some problems.

'I must reach Frodo before it's too late. And I have seen through the Palantir he is somewhere he is likely to encounter danger. So.... how do I look?. And by the way. Do any of you know what coffee is?"

::: Meanwhile... :::

"I don't get it. Gandalf said to meet him here. Where is the guy?"


"Aragorn. What are you doing way the heck out here. Dude, you're miles from town."

"Gandalf said to meet him here. So we're just hanging out till he comes."

"Gandalf is worried that Frodo might be in trouble."
"The little bugger is known for that you know"

"We're riding into Wellington to check the mail, get a few things, maybe get a beer. Can we bring you anything?"

"Have you seen Peter anywhere?"

"Someone was saying this morning that he's gone to the Hobbiton set to look for Frodo. Something about roasting over a slow fire."

::: meanwhile :::

*So this is television.......*