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Poems by Members of the Grey Panthers

posted on Elijah's Grey Panthers Message Board


It is not a gift as some suspect
It requires work and commands respect.
It is not a glossy stream to ride
But a raging ocean with turbulent tide.
It cannot be viewed on a movie screen
Rather one must be an actor in this scene
It is not just laughter, not just gain
But sharing of riches and taking on pain.
It is not always a heroís story
Packed with tales of bravery and glory
It cannot be measured by the bearerís size
Within the heart is where its strength lies.
It is not a gesture made only for show
But an act of sacrifice no one will know.
It creates a bond time-consuming to make
And, once forged, only the bearer can break.

by Anonymous GPer

The drama
seems too much for me,
I can't bear the blank of mind
that rests inside my head;
Others shine and glimmer with inspiring colors--
I think my bulb has blown,
my candle has gone out.

by Astael


I have traveled far
I have traveled wide
Accomplished many things
With no one at my side.

I am proud of some deeds
And some I still regret
Holding my head high
Though my eyes are wet.

I may not be good enough
I may miserably fail
But life is in the journey
And living in the trail.

Never quite in sight
There I see my goal
Ever, ever reaching
Toward my chosen role

I may become lost
Crash against a wall
My heart will pick me up
After every fall.

Always Iíll continue
This path to my somewhere
Perhaps Iíll pass you on your path
If you only dare.

by Anonymous GPer

You Make Me

You make me
Know what it means to be a woman
Know what it means to feel safe

You make me
Feel like I'm whole again
Feel like I can love

You make me
Want to take a chance
Want to speak my mind

You set me free
It's true you see
I feel like I'm lucky to have you
But you say it's the other way around
It's not how you find love
But how it sometimes finds you

You make me
Live for the moment
Live life for what it's worth

You make me
Stand up for myself
Stand up and shout it loud

I am an independent woman
But I still want to make you proud 'cause

(repeat chorus)

by Tamaruda


Caught unaware
Now unceasing pain
Never again
Will my vigilance wane.

Hidden behind kindness
A wolf in white
Weary beyond reason
I gave up the fight

I cast off my armor
Laid my breast bare
Closed my eyes
As he put a knife there

Too soon I trusted
My heart unbound
Too late to save me
When his secret was found

So many warnings
Still not alert
Left myself open
And only got hurt

Iíve felt this betrayal
Too many times
Written my woes
In too many rhymes

This final wound
Time too shall heal
One more scar
I swear not to feel

Caught unaware
Wanted to believe
Now Iíll remember
Hope only deceives.

by Anonymous GPer

Why am I afraid to let
what dwells inside,
come to boil on the page?
If I write it, it must be true, and
I stand naked before the world.

by Astael

I placed you on a pedestal
You fell
I caught you as you tumbled by
Rescuing you from hell
Your weary feet stumbling
You grab my arm
I wrap myself around you
Shielding you from harm.
I stroke your battered body
Shooing away the pain.
My shoulders take on your burdens
Relieving you of strain.

Silently I weep
As you grow strong
One day you wonít need me
It wonít be too long.
And for all the things
I help you do
I canít make you see
How much I need you.

by Anonymous GPer


If you're not there,
Why is your presence so strong?
If you seem so right,
Why do I know its wrong?
If you aren't what I need
Why do you still haunt my dreams?
If you don't love me,
Why do you smile at me?

How could I not know your lies
Or see through your transparent disguise?
How could you leave me with tears in my eyes?
All I need to know is Why?

I'll be fine in a week or two
I just have to stop loving you.
I'll get over the things you said,
If not now, maybe when I'm dead.
Kill the pain in me and isolate my fears
Your image will chase me for many years.
If not to stop the hunger,
Maybe to stop the insanity.
Why, WHY can't you just Leave?

(by pharazgil)


Thank you for your kindness
It meant more than you know
I was in need of it
Far more than I ever let show.
I had already given up
My hope had withered away
But somehow you small gesture
Brightened more than just my day.
It was such a tiny thing
Iím sure you didnít think twice
But you brought me back from the edge
Simply by being nice.

by Anonymous GPer

The Grey Panthers

I know a group of gals
Both witty and insane
Try to insult "you know who"
And weíll attack with walker and cane.

An oddly bunch it seems
Both in location and in age
But somehow we all wandered
To this little page.

Give a little Spam
Pass the Mac n Cheese
Or some special brownies
If you want to please.

We poke a little fun
At the chosen fellowship
Or complain about depends
And this replaced hip.

We may tease, poke and prod
At one another too
But post a little sadness
And the panthers are behind you.

The mods must be mentioned
Plaids, FB, Took and LaWise
Each one must be thanked
For their watchful eyes.

Weíve been on a few trips
Some at our grave risk
Especially when weíve erred
And allowed the driver to be TYSK

Through jokes, caps and time
Weíve become a rag-tag troop
And have to say Iím thankful
That Iím one of the group.

by Anonymous GPer

Iíll say Iím sorry now
And get it out of the way
Youíll understand why
On some distant day

Iím sorry for the disappointment
That one day I will be
Right now you say never
I say wait and see

Iím sorry for my flaws
You have yet to find
I know there are too many
For you not to mind

Iím sorry because it will happen
No matter how hard I try
I weep now for the pain
That will be reflected in your eye

Iíll say Iím sorry now
For throwing you this curve
But soon you will discover
Iím less than you deserve.

by Anonymous GPer


A casual day spent mowing the lawn
Was interrupted by winds that were strong.
Frantically grabbing what little you can
You're off to seek shelter before "it" hits the fan.
On your way down the stairs you catch a brief glimpse
Of a tree going down right next to your fence.
As the wind was blowing and whipping about
you realize your well being is surely in doubt.
The monster is coming with winds that could kill
You see it destroying that house on the hill.
It's coming right for you with sickening grace
You hide in the cellar with your hands on your face.
You feel a great rumble and your ears start to pop
You pray to God to please make it stop.
With a gallant effort your house takes the force
You feel your heart filling with dread and remorse.
With the sound of the twister filling your head
You think of your loved ones and things that they said.
You hope they're all safe away from the storm
As you suddenly remember your son being born.
Life flashes by in the wink of an eye
You hear a soft voice saying please don't cry.
Life's full of obstacles~I make it that way
So close your eyes my child, and listen to what I say.
Be calm and listen to the words I must spin
Let the rain wash away all of your sin.
You have met your maker and let it be known
May your friends and family also be shown
That the power of God will set your heart free
It's your choice dear child and so it shall be.
With that the roar ended and through the debris
A brilliant bright light was all I could see.
I felt my heart lighten and warmth filled my head
I knew I was safe and remembered what was said.
I reached for the light and was pulled from my hell
To start life again and this time do it well.

by Tamaruda


I picked up a penny
And put it in my shoe
Saw it laying there
And didnít know what else to do.

I walked by at first
that penny on the sidewalk
But it was still there
After I circled the block.

This poor pitiful penny
Sitting there by itself
I had to take it with me
Though it wouldnít bring me wealth.

It had been dropped or discarded
And no one seemed to care
About this dull, dirty penny
That looked worse for the wear.

I picked up this penny
Laying there all alone
Obviously the previous owner
Didnít know what theyíd thrown.

This penny I picked up
Is now valuable and rare
Too bad no one else could see
What was plainly laying there.

by Anonymous GPer


Sleep slips through my fingers
And spits in my eye
It will not venture near
This bed where I lie.
Worry is its enemy
Fears are its foe
Restless thoughts make it shy
My mind will not let go.
Darkness does not help
Nor a soothing tune
I simply lay and stare
At the also lonely moon.

by Anonymous GPer

Let me feel the water
Any, every day
Take me to the ocean
Any, every day

Let me look upon it
Feel its hidden force
Always it is there
As life runs its course

Let it lash me with a breeze
Full of fish, salt and sand
Wrap this wind around me
Like an unseen hand.

Let me feel the water
As it washes over me feet
Fill my mind with memories
Both melancholy and sweet.

Take me to the ocean
Disappear without a trace
Salty water on my legs
And sunlight on my face.

I want to see the birds
That can swim and can fly
Unburdened up they go
Oh, to be that high

Let me feel wet sand
Work its way between my toes
Follow along this shore
To wherever it goes.

Let me stand upon this cliff
So far above the sea
Revel at this world
Thatís so much more than me.

I want to be on those waves
Let them set me free
Unlock my heart
And throw away the key.

Let me feel the water
Any, every day
Take me to the ocean
Any, every day.

by Anonymous GPer


floats by
childrenís eyes
Rejection, humiliation;
joy of simple
fill oceans
Overflowing beaches form
quicksand sucks
me under
Winged arms
Kicking away I surface.
Black, broken hearts
pollute the jungle floor,
Pulsing crimson ones
dangle from trees.
I catch delicate
falling hearts
cradling them
Pushing hearts above my head
eyes gazing
into nothingness
from inside
a black heart.
swing among trees
dropping heart
after heart
on top of me.
No one to catch.
by Anonymous GPer

Come to me unmasked
Let me love who you are
I will accept any flaws
That were hidden from afar.

Come to me with the knowledge
I will not turn you away
Iíll forgive what youíve done
Iíll cherish what you say.

Come to me and see
I am far from ideal
I still have wounds
You can help me heal.

Come to me if you wish
My arms will be here
Together we could brave
What we both fear.

Come to me with your trust
I know itís hard to give
After what weíve been through
And have yet to live.

Come to me though I cannot promise
That things wonít go awry
We both know what can happen
There may still be tears to cry.

Iíll come to you unmasked
Iíll put my trust in you
And hold my breath waiting
To see what you will do.

by Anonymous GPer

A tiny hope glimmers
Where there was none
Perhaps a new beginning
From behind clouds the sun.
A mere flicker of a flame
Through a driving storm
Fighting to survive
And take a stronger form.
A fire so often doused
Perhaps this time will live
An oil lamp thought empty
A few drops yet to give.
Through betrayal and doubt
Hope struggles to survive
After this challenge
Will it still be alive?

by Anonymous GP

I will never say
Iím unhappy with my life
I can manage the disappointments
And occasional strife.

But sometimes I am surrounded
By pain I cannot heal
And with it otherís heartache
I cannot help but feel.

Sometimes I accomplish nothing
Though I work so long
Hereís a small confession
I am tired of being strong.

I have always seemed confident
Knew what I wanted to do
Iíve had plenty practice
Handling surprises hurtled out of the blue.

Iíve let others lean on me
And have been happy to do so
But Iíd like someone to turn to
When I sink this low.

I want to find that someone
Whoís voice brings a smile
I felt that once before
Though itís been quite a while.

Iíve worked so hard
Reaching for this goal
But now I look around
And donít see a soul.

Let me find that someone
Whoíll be there after today
That person who sticks to me
When I push away.

I donít want someone to carry me
When my feet are sore
I simply want someone to be there
When I finally reach the door.

I donít want calm waters
Nor a gentle ride
Iíll gladly crash through the waves
If youíll stand by my side.

I donít need someone to be here
Every minute of every day
But partners holding up the other
When life doesnít go our way.

And one thing I would ask
When Iím lost and searching blindly
Please take a moment
To come here and find me.

by Anonymous GPer

Red Rose

Petals of silk
more crimson than red
given in place of words
that cannot be said.

A simple elegance
far above your peers,
you can both quiet
and awaken my tears.

Leaves that gently tickle
my chin as I smell
reviving my spirit
and making me well.

And yet you have thorns
one must heed
never to be picked in haste
nor in greed.

You are perfect
my red rose
merely because
you are the one I chose.

by Anonymous GPer

My heart lies broken on the floor,
Knowing you are here no more.
I wonder where I can hide,
From what they call your suicide.
I understand we weren't real close,
Barely friends, I would suppose.
Despite such, you were part of me,
And still I wish it couldn't be.
I only say you once a day,
But never thought that you'd give way
To let the pain and hate and strife,
Make you want to end your life.
The guilt I now do bare
Is the same as others who did care.
Could I have helped at all?
Could I have stopped you, is it possible?
Still I know someday we will meet again.
At the pearly gates, with God, in Heaven.

-For Jamie Gola, 10/20/85-10/26/02.

by Teeqeue

You sought to break her
When she would only bend
Youíve done the unforgivable
You hurt my friend.

Your transgression against me
I will never feel
But youíve left a friend
With wounds I must help her heal.

She stood by me
Now Iíll answer her call
She may be battered
But I wonít let her fall.

Iím sure youíre plotting
For this victory you seek
While you believe sheís tired
While you think her weak.

One thing you didnít count on
Is me here by her side
Putting her on her feet
Building up her pride.

Thereíve been many changes
Since you last came,
Sheís not alone
Can you say the same?

by Anonymous GPer


Never told you
You couldnít have known
Still itís a rejection
Cutting to the bone

Never told you
How could I?
Scared to take a chance
So alone I lie

Never told you
So you moved on
Your scent still lingers
Long after youíre gone.

Should have told you
Given it a try
Donít know what I missed
Now that youíve said goodbye

Should have told you
The pain of rejection
Canít be any worse
Than that of missed affection.

by Anonymous GPer

002-Never Forget
People died,
Children cried.
Most are gone,
Yet some survived.
Many remained gagged and bound,
Unable to move until they were found.
Then they lived on,
In the agony of fear,
Reliving the nightmare,
Year after year.
Hoping, praying,
Weíll never forget
The day that thier date with hate
Was set.
This date lasted days,
And months and years,
A date filled with
Pain, death, and tears.
Others survived
In beautiful memories,
In heads, or in hearts,
Or even in diaries.
To churn in our
Sorrowful minds.
To remind us that love and peace
Are the best of our finds.
So as this burns in my mind,
Iíll never let
Myself ever forget.

Ďtil the end, Ďtil the end,
Ďtil the end, my friend.
Never Forget.

by Teeque
(written after a trip to the Holocaust Museum in DC.)

You will never guess
I will never tell
Weíve reached a deadlock
Iíve entered a living hell

You are not quite perfect
I am full of flaws
You ask for my trust
I cannot sheath my claws

It is all my fault
You donít understand
I still bear scars
From anotherís hand.

You deserve much better
I hide behind my wall
Still remembering the pain
When last I let it fall

I should send you away
I need to let you go
But cannot stand this hurt
My heart is now my foe.

It is all my fault
Shouldnít have let you in
Iíve felt this way before
And know neither of us will win.

I am sorry for being selfish
I wanted you for me
But I will never be good enough
This I finally see.

Your eyes have been blinded
You believe you are in love
Some day they will open
And youíll look down from above

This is the moment I dread
The reason I already mourn
Someday you will look at me
With eyes full of scorn

So now I must leave
I will set you free
Suffer this crippling pain
To save you from me.

by Anonymous GPer